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About fatcatbooks

Mike is a dedicated and inspiring native English teacher who has over six years experience teaching native English speakers and students learning English as a second language in Hong Kong and the UK. On his teaching journey, Mike has taught many students who struggle with reading. So he created structured and fun materials that are proven to help struggling learners to read.

He understands the importance of reading at an early age and teaching children to read with a quick, easy and systematic approach. Therefore, "fatcatbooks" was born.

Is Your Child Struggling with Reading?
Our Phonics Programme Can Help!

Are you tired of seeing your child struggle with reading? Are you feeling frustrated after spending thousands of dollars on phonics readers and tutorial classes with no progress to show for it?
If so, it's time to try a n
ew approach.

As a British English teacher with over six years of experience, I understand how crucial it is for children to learn how to read at an early age. However, I have seen many students struggle with reading and speaking. That's why I have dedicated myself to creating the Home Learning Phonics Programme, a comprehensive and effective tool that can help your child become a confident reader and speaker.


Don't worry, you are not alone.

Learning English can be a challenge, especially for non-native speakers. Many materials available today are difficult to understand and follow, leaving students feeling bored and unmotivated. For parents, this can be incredibly frustrating, especially if they have already invested a significant amount of time and money in trying to help their child improve their reading abilities.

Why can we help you?

The Home Learning Phonics Programme is designed to make learning how to read easy, entertaining, and engaging. Our programme is well-planned, systematic, and easy to follow, making it ideal for children who struggle with reading.

With our programme, your child will gain the skills and confidence they need to become a proficient reader and speaker.

Our approach has been so successful that many parents have seen their children's reading skills improve beyond their wildest dreams. But don't just take our word for it – see for yourself!

So why wait? Sign up for our programme today and give your child the gift of reading!

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