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Learn to read  in  just 12 weeks, explore Mr Mike's progressive phonics programmes to take your reading to the next level!

All-in-One Phonics Curriculum

Stage 1: My Alphabet

All-in-One Alphabet Phonics Curriculum For Kindergarten and Primary Kids

Stage 2: My First Blends

My First Blends Stage 2 Phonics Programme

Stage 3: My Long Vowels

My Long Vowels complete programme

Why choose Fat Cat Books?

Fat Cat Books is a highly successful Phonics Programme in the UK that utilizes synthetic phonics to teach children to read and spell words. The systematic synthetic approach ensures a logical progression of phonics skills, leading to strong decoding abilities and reading fluency.

✅ Start reading in 12 weeks.

✅ Teaches British English spelling and pronunciation.

✅ Uses proven systematic synthetic phonics method.

✅ Video and audio pronunciations by teacher Mike.

✅ Recommended by Teachers and professional tutors

✅ 98% parents saw a great improvement in their child's reading ability

✅Designed to facilitate child & parent bonding.


Mike developed his phonics programme over his 6+ years of teaching native English and non-native English speakers. Fat Cat Books provides accessible and comprehensive resources that support effective phonics instruction. The programme's outstanding results have been supported by independent research, solidifying its reputation as a leading phonics programme in the UK.

​✅ No hassle resources for home and in class learning.

✅ No preparation required, just play, print and go.

✅ No experience required, guided lesson plan provided

✅ No Internet required after downloading

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