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Importance of Reading

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.”

- Roald Dahl

Studies show that reading for pleasure has a significant impact on kids' academic success. Every aspect of life, including cooking, driving, and of course going through school, depends on reading. In order for your child to comfortably practise reading frequently and cherish their ability to do so, it is crucial to start teaching them the value of reading as early as possible to give your kid a fantastic start in life.


Here are 10 reasons reading is important:

1 Increase Vocabulary
Kids in Preschool


It increases their vocabulary

They may come across words they have never heard before while reading, which will motivate them to learn what they mean. and as a consequence, the child will include it in their speech.

2 Improve Performance
3 boosts confidence


It improves their performance

Practise makes perfect. The simplest approach to improve at reading is to simply do it! Fat Cat Books gives your child the skills to sound out words independently so they can practise when they like.

Reading a Book


It boosts confidence and independence

Your child gains independence when they realise they are no longer dependent on their parents to read to them. They can start to grasp the world on their own through reading.

4 Protection


Gives them protection

Both warning labels and traffic signs have words. Reading enables children to comprehend warnings of hazardous.

Wet Floors
5 Make sense surroundings
Food Truck
Food Truck


It aids in their ability to make sense of their surroundings

They can interpret what the signs, stickers, and labels around them are saying as they learn to read. Their understanding of what things are and their functions is aided by their ability to read.

6 future academic performance


It's essential to their future academic performance

For a youngster to even move forward in school, they must be able to read. Reading is necessary in order to follow the test's instructions and even comprehend or respond to the questions.

Raising a Hand
7 expands imaginaton
8 entertianed
Food Truck


It expands their imagination

As a child reads, they might start to picture the locations of the characters. They might even design their own tiny universe. Reading helps readers develop their imagination by requiring them to visualise the character's appearance and personality.


It keeps them entertained

It provides kids something constructive to do, especially after they are able to read chapter books without illustrations, which forces them to fully engage their imaginations and, in turn, fully engage with the book.

Reading In a Bookstore
9 Helps Grammar
Food Truck
Reading Together


It helps them with their grammar

They can learn how an author uses sentence structures through reading. As kids interpret the text they will also be able to be more communicative.

10 Helps writing


It helps them write better

Reading helps people develop their vocabulary, communication, and grammar abilities, which in turn helps them construct better sentences.

Kids Handwriting
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