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Why choose Fat Cat Books?

Fat Cat Books is a highly successful Phonics Programme in the UK that utilizes synthetic phonics to teach children to read and spell words. The systematic synthetic approach ensures a logical progression of phonics skills, leading to strong decoding abilities and reading fluency.

✅ Start reading in 12 weeks.

✅ Teaches British English spelling and pronunciation.

✅ Uses proven systematic synthetic phonics method.

✅ Video and audio pronunciations by teacher Mike.

✅ Recommended by Teachers and professional tutors

✅ 98% parents saw a great improvement in their child's reading ability

✅Designed to facilitate child & parent bonding.


Mike developed his phonics programme over his 6+ years of teaching native English and non-native English speakers. Fat Cat Books provides accessible and comprehensive resources that support effective phonics instruction. The programme's outstanding results have been supported by independent research, solidifying its reputation as a leading phonics programme in the UK.

​✅ No hassle resources for home and in class learning.

✅ No preparation required, just play, print and go.

✅ No experience required, guided lesson plan provided

✅ No Internet required after downloading

Parents & Teachers Love it!

"I was sceptical at first, but after a few weeks my boy showed real progress. He really enjoyed learning with me and doing the class was so easy, as I didn't need to prepare anything."

- Ashley Lee 

"As a kindergarten school teacher I highly recommend this course. It took all the work out of teaching and the Power Point games made class extremely fun. I've never had the kids so engaged and ready to learn!"

- Sarah Jones

"It's a LIFE SAVER! Finding all the materials and preparing the activities took up so much time, and my kid hated my lessons. Mike's course is so easy to teach and so much fun, my kid loves it! Thank you so much!! "

- Anita Adams

Teaching English can be easy and hassle free

Is this you right now?

😟Spending hours searching google and scrolling Pinterest for something that'll work

😟 left frustrated after an activity that took hours to prepare but was finished within a few minutes

😟 Progress is slow and you fear your child is falling behind in class?

😟 Searching Amazon or Facebook groups every night looking for materials and help.

Make Teaching Easy

😊Know exactly what activities to do and how to do them. Your child loves it and it can take just 15 minutes a day!

😊Know precisely how well your child is doing and can easily compare your child's progress to previous lessons.

😊Have a range of tools and activities to match your child's mood and motivation, to make every lesson a success.

😊Become confident in your teaching ability when you see your child's enthusiasm to learn.

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