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My Long Vowels complete programme

Stage 3: My Long Vowels

My Long Vowels complete programme

This programme helps your child learn how to identify and read words with magic e (silent e) & the ee digraph.

It includes various resources, which includes: Flashcards, virtual interactive teachers, 100+ page workbook filled with a range of activities, over 20 minutes of recorded pronunciations, and spelling games

Take an in-depth look at the huge treasure trove of resources included in the All-in-One programmes:

Printable workbook

The workbook is filled with colouring and writing activities. The programme is designed to improve your child's reading, spell and writing.

Colour by word is a fun and effective activity to encourage your child to read. To find the colour they need they simply match the word in the picture to the word next to a colour.

The spelling of words is slowly built-up through the programme. Your child is encouraged to write in missing letters of a word or to match and write words to the correct sentences first, so by the last section of the chapter, your child will be able to confidently spell 10 words.

Workbook virtual teacher

The workbook virtual teacher provides interactive guided lessons with videos. Your child can hear and view all words and sentences spoken by a native British teacher. The virtual teacher also helps your child find the answer.

Your child only needs a basic know-how of computers to use the virtual teacher. Simply start the Power Point Presentation and let your child explore

The virtual teacher is fully interactive and provides your child with feedback for mistakes and rewarding feedback for successfully finding the answers.

100s of printable flashcards

There are hundreds of flashcards to print out. Each word is used in a sentence, to give your child a context for the meaning of a word.

The flashcards come in two sets: reading and spelling. The words on the spelling flashcards are the same as the reading ones, so your child will find it easy to spell the words.

Flashcard virtual teacher

The virtual teacher provides a fully interactive experience. Your child can click pictures to hear the word and sentence. They can also use the on screen keyboard to spell the words, the virtual teacher will let them know when they get it right.

Match the Cards Game

The Match the Cards game is a great to make lessons fun. This easy to use game is the perfect way to revise the vocabulary for each chapter.

The game can be opened on iPad or PC, and is so easy to use your children can play by themselves.

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