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My First Blends Stage 2 Phonics Programme

Stage 2: My First Blends

My First Blends Stage 2 Phonics Programme

My First Blends is the second stage of the Fat Cat Books phonics programmes. Your child will learn how to read using the proven systematic synthetic phonics method. After just a few lessons your child will begin reading their first words independently using the many easy to read stories inside the workbooks.

Take an in-depth look at the huge treasure trove of resources included in the All-in-One programmes:

Learn to read CVC/c words Workbook for Kindergarten to Primary 1

The workbook is packed with easy exercises to build up our child's confidence in spelling and writing, as well as some fun activities for a mental break, such as "spot the different". 

Learn to read CVC/c Words, Phonics, Interactive Power Point Teacher, with videos and Games!

The virtual teacher guides your child through the programme with the click of a button. Here they can access lesson on how to blend the CVC words, read stories and learn how to spell.

After the first lessons, revising old material can be boring, but not with Fat Cat Books power point games. Get Fat Cat to the treasure before the pirate while answering spelling questions on the way. All words include pronunciation by Mike, a British teacher

Reading Flashcards

Spelling Flashcards

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