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All-in-One Alphabet Phonics Curriculum For Kindergarten and Primary Kids

Stage 1: My Alphabet

All-in-One Alphabet Phonics Curriculum For Kindergarten and Primary Kids

My Alphabet is a complete phonics programme designed to make teaching your child the sounds of the letters easy and fun. The programme includes life time updates* 

✔ Prinitable PDF workbook 

✔ Viritual Teacher; An interactive workbook with audio by British teacher Mike

✔ Flashacards, over 330 words of printable flashcards

✔ Flashcard Virtual Teacher, audio for all 330 words by British teacher Mike

✔make learning the alphabet fun and super easy with these fun revision games!

  • Video Game 2: Treasure Hunt

  • Video Game 2: Find the Pair

  • Video Game 3: Build the Bridge

✔ Poster, The Alphabet becomes super easy to remember with these range of animals, one for every letter of the alphabet.

✔ Poster, phonics pronunciation practise with British Teacher Mike

✔ colouring posters of each letter

You can contact Teacher Mike for advice on how to teach your child anytime.

Take an in-depth look at the huge treasure trove of resources included in the All-in-One programmes:

2 x 70 Page Alphabet Phonics Workbooks for Kindergarten and Primary kids

The “Fat Cat Books, Learn to Read, My Alphabet" Phonics Workbooks are a comprehensive curriculum designed to enhance phonics skills of Pre-K, Kindergarten and primary Kids in grades 1 and 2. Dive into this engaging 70-page workbook, meticulously crafted to foster language development and letter mastery. Here’s what makes each workbook a must-have:

1. Phonics Alphabet Exploration (13 Pages):

  • Vocabulary Introduction: Immerse young learners in the world of words with 13 pages dedicated to introducing essential vocabulary.

  • Recognise and Find: Sharpen observation skills by identifying and locating the vocabulary words in word searches and letter jumbles.

2. Letter Writing (13 Pages):

  • Practice forming letters A through M with guided tracing exercises.

  • Develop fine motor skills and reinforce letter recognition.

3. Listening Activities (13 Pages):

  • Engage in various multiple-choice listening activities.

  • Train the ear to distinguish sounds and associate them with letters.

4. Draw the Line Activities and Spelling tests (13 Pages):

  • Connect the dots – literally! These activities encourage students to match sounds to their corresponding letters within the circles.

  • Put phonics knowledge to the test with a spelling test.

  • Each Chapter features and reinforces all the words they covered through the course.

Take a look at the features of the workbook that makes this a unique and highly engaging curriculum to follow:

1. Brain-Teasing Puzzles (13 Challenging Puzzles):

  • Unlock the next level of phonics mastery! These puzzles can only be solved by completing the activity of the page. A fun twist to keep learners motivated, and to expand their problem-solving skills.

2. Fun Puzzles (13 Pages):

  • Beyond the challenges, enjoy lighter puzzles that reinforce phonics concepts. Perfect for a break after intense writing sessions.

3. Board Game Adventure (1 Board Game with Cutouts):

  • Spin the dial or roll the dice, move along the board, and encounter phonics adventures! Cutouts included for an interactive experience.

4. Complete Lesson Plan (at the Back of the Book):

  • Teachers and parents, we’ve got you covered! Find a detailed lesson plan to guide your phonics instruction.

  • Find a list of fun phonics songs and game ideas.

5. Answers at Your Fingertips (at the Back of the Book): All answers are conveniently located at the end of the workbook.

For an Additional cost, you can download a complete Video Lesson Tutorials, that guides students through every activity. Visit to download an exclusive video tutorial course. Enhance learning with visual pronunciation demonstrations by Mr Mike.

Whether in the classroom or at home, the Phonics Adventure Workbook promises an exciting journey through letters, sounds, and words. Unlock the magic of phonics today! ✨

Alphabet Phonics Virtual teachers, With tutorial videos and Audio pronunciations

🌟 The Ultimate Digital PowerPoint Virtual Teacher 🌟 for the Fat Cat Books, Learn to Read, My Alphabet curriculum 📚

Take your children on an exciting alphabet adventure. The cutting-edge digital PowerPoint virtual teacher for the My Alphabet workbook is here to guide your students through the Fat Cat Books 1st stage phonics curriculum. It will bloom their yearning for language discovery on their captivating letter journey. Let’s dive into the features that make the Virtual Teacher an indispensable companion for both educators and students:

  • Simple Navigation for Little Explorers 🧭The Virtual teacher has an intuitive interface designed with young learners in mind. Even the tiniest fingers can easily navigate through the lessons, ensuring a frustration-free experience.

  • Tutorial Videos for Every Lesson 🎥Each letter of the alphabet lesson comes alive with engaging tutorial videos. Mr. Mike, our friendly guide, walks students through every step, making learning a delightful experience. Whether it’s the letter “A” or “Z,” Mr. Mike has got it covered!Mr. Mike ensures that no student feels lost. His clear instructions and friendly demeanor make learning a breeze.There is a whopping 364 minutes of video content, which ensures that students stay engaged, motivated, and remain fully confident with the activities throughout their learning journey.

  • 104 Comprehensive Lessons 📖Covering the entire alphabet, the virtual teacher provides 104 carefully thought-out lessons. Each lesson focuses on a specific letter, building a solid foundation for language skills and follows the Four Steps system towards Alphabet Mastery:
    Step 1: Sound Exploration: Students immerse themselves in a collection of memorable vocabulary. Colorful pictures vividly define each word, making learning both effective and enjoyable.
    Step 2: Letter Formation: Confidence grows as children trace and write each letter following clear guidelines, until they can write independently along the lines.
    Step 3: Listening Challenge: Students listen carefully and identify the letter they hear from a set of three options. After which they can solve the accompanying puzzle, which adds an extra layer of fun and builds up a child’s problem-solving skills.
    Step 4: Phonemic Skill Synthesis: Integrating all learned skills, students connect pictures to letters and spell initial sounds of a word. It’s the ultimate test of their comprehension!

  • Interactive Picture Exploration 🖼️For students who crave control of the lesson, the virtual teacher allows them to click on pictures to hear the corresponding words. This means they can explore and progress through each lesson through the power of their fingertips!

  • Get the Printable Workbook! 📄The Virtual Teacher guides students through the beautifully designed printable workbook (available at an additional cost). Visit the Fat Cat Books Teachers Pay Teachers store or go to to learn more. Students can reinforce their learning by completing the tasks on paper, creating a seamless blend of digital and tactile experiences.

Unlock the Magic of Language with the Virtual Teacher!

Whether you’re a teacher, parent, or homeschooling champion, the Virtual teacher is your partner in nurturing young minds. Say goodbye to dull lessons and hello to interactive, joyful learning! 🌈📚

330+ Alphabet Phonics Flashcards Pre-K to Primary 2

🌟This Comprehensive 330+ Flashcards Download Set will help you explore the world of Language and Imagination with your children!🌟

Embark on an exciting journey of learning and discovery! These meticulously crafted 330+ flashcards are here to ignite young children's minds, making language acquisition and building up phonemic awareness a delightful adventure. 🚀 Let’s dive into the captivating features that set our flashcards apart:

  • A Sound Sensations: The flashcard images are carefully chosen to represent the basic sounds of the alphabet and the short vowel sounds. These visual cues create a harmonious bridge between letters and their corresponding sounds, fostering early phonemic awareness.🔤🎶

  • Vocabulary Powerhouse: Our set isn’t just a collection of cards; it’s a treasure trove of essential vocabulary words tailored for kindergarten and primary grades 1 and 2. From “apple” to “zebra,” we’ve got it all covered! 📚🔍

  • Vibrant Visuals: Prepare to be dazzled! Our flashcards burst with color, vibrancy, and intricate details. Each image is a mini masterpiece, capturing young hearts and minds. Whether it’s a cheerful sun or a curious kitten, these visuals leave a lasting impression.🌈🎨

  • Child-Centric Clarity: We understand that clarity is key. Our images are thoughtfully curated to define each word, ensuring that even the tiniest learners grasp their meanings effortlessly. No more puzzled expressions—just bright-eyed understanding! 👀🧠

  • Print-Ready Perfection: Say goodbye to hassle! Our flashcards come with a pre-prepared layout for double-sided printing. Whether you’re using a duplex printer or manually flipping the pages, we’ve got you covered. Efficiency meets convenience! 🖨️✨

  • Step-by-Step Printing Guide: Non-duplex printer? No problem! Our easy-to-follow manual walks you through the double-sided printing process. You’ll be a printing wizard in no time, creating beautifully aligned cards for eager hands. 📝🔢

  • Envelope Enchantment: Organization made simple! We’ve designed a foolproof envelope template for storing each letter of the flashcards. Neatly tuck them away, ready for the next learning adventure. 💌🔍

  • Game On!: Learning doesn’t have to be dull. Our flashcards come with a treasure trove of creative game ideas. Turn learning into playtime—whether it’s a speedy snatch, memory match, or a puzzling extravaganza! 🎲🧩

Phonics Harmony: Our flashcards are the perfect companion for the “Fat Cat books, Learn How to Read, My Alphabet” phonics curriculum. Seamlessly integrate them into our extended teaching toolkit, which includes, workbooks, interactive workbook with audio, interactive flashcards with audio, tutorial videos, Animal Alphabet Poster with song and pronunciation demonstration, colouring animal letter poster pack and more. Go to to learn more. 📖🎶🐱

330+ Flashcard viewer for Laptop and Tablets, with Audio pronunciation

🌟This Comprehensive 330+ Flashcards Viewer allows you to easy navigate the world of Language and Imagination with your children!🌟

Animal Alphabet Poster

🌟 Animal Alphabet Phonics Poster 🌟

This beautifully illustrated poster features the entire alphabet, with each letter represented by a fun or exotic animal. The animals are carefully chosen to match the initial sound of the corresponding letter. For example:

🐊 A: Alligator 🐻 B: Bear 🐱 C: Cat 🦕 D: is for Dinosaur

The vibrant colors and playful design make it a delightful addition to any nursery, playroom, or classroom. Parents and teachers can use this poster to introduce letter sounds and animal names to young learners. 🎨📚

📹 Animal Pronunciation Practice with Mr. Mike (Video) 📹

Meet Mr. Mike, an enthusiastic educator who helps children explore the world of animals. In the video, Mr. Mike introduces a different animal, emphasizing its name and the sound of the initial letter. For instance:

🐘 “E is for elephant, e-e-elephant.” 🎐 “J is for Jellyfish, j-j-jellyfish.”

Mr. Mike encourages kids to repeat after him, ensuring correct pronunciation. The video is engaging, interactive, and perfect for young learners eager to discover new animals and sounds. 🎥🗣️

🎵 Phonics Song: “Animal Alphabet Phonics Adventure” 🎵

The catchy tune introduces children to phonics in a memorable way! “Animal Alphabet Phonics Adventure” is a lively song that explores various animals. Each verse focuses on a different letter and its corresponding animal:

🐊 “A is for alligator, a-a-alligator.” 🐻 “B is for bear, b-b-bear.” 🐱 “C is for cat, c-c-cat.” …and so on.

Kids can sing along, dance, and internalize the phonics sounds effortlessly. 🎶🎤


👦👧 Children engage with the poster, watch Mr. Mike’s videos, and sing the phonics song. 🔤 They associate each letter with an animal and its sound. 🌈 Learning becomes a fun-filled adventure! 🚀🌟

Feel free to explore the animal kingdom with joy and enthusiasm! 🐾🌿🌎

52 Animal Alphabet Colouring Posters, worksheets, Kindergarten to Primary 2

🌟 Animal Alphabet colouring Poster Pack, Worksheets 🌟

Bring out your children's imagination and artist skills with the Animal Alphabet Colouring Poster Pack! 🦁🐘🦓 As a teacher or homeschooling parent, you know that engaging young minds is both an art and a science. And this delightful digital colouring poster has cracked the code! Let me tell you why this poster pack is a must-have for your classroom or home:

Animal Magic: 52 pages of both the Big Letter and the Small Letter. Each letter in the alphabet comes to life as an adorable animal. Imagine your students’ eyes widening with wonder as they see an “A” that looks like an Alligator, complete with its toothy grin, or the “E” that looks like an Elephant, with its majestic trunk.

These illustrations are not just letters; they’re mini zoological masterpieces! 🎨🐾 Color Your Way: The images are outlined, inviting students to unleash their creativity. Grab those crayons, markers, or colored pencils, and let the magic flow! Whether it’s a vibrant rainbow Octopus or a serene Quail, every stroke adds life to the page. 🌈🖍️

Memorable Menagerie: The animal list has been curated with care. These creatures aren’t just randomly thrown together; they’re carefully selected to best represent the sound of each letter. No confusing long vowels or digraphs here! We’ve also avoided any animals that start with tricky consonant and vowel combinations that create soft C or G, so student's will not be left scratching their heads and asking, “Why is there a giraffe for the letter ‘G’?” 🤔🦒

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the zoological spectacles:

  • Jellyfish for “J”

  • Koala for “K”

  • Narwhal for “N”

  • Umbrellabird for “U”

  • Walrus for “W”

And that’s just the beginning! From A to Z, this poster pack sparks curiosity, encourages language development, and adds a touch of whimsy to your learning space. 🌈📖

So, whether you’re a seasoned teacher or a passionate parent, grab your digital download, print those pages, and let the animal alphabet adventure begin! 🎉🦋🌟 

380 Alphabet Phonics letter Game Cards flashcards Pre-k Kindergarten Primary

Fat Cat Books, Learn to Read, My Alphabet Phonics Game Cards

"My Alphabet Phonics Game Cards" make learning letters and sounds a delightful experience for early learners. Have a look at what makes these game cards an essential addition to your class.

  • Complete Coverage of All Letters from A to Z: With a whopping 380 game cards, our set covers every letter of the alphabet. From apple to zebra, your child will explore the entire alphabet in a fun and engaging way. All cards present both the uppercase and lowercase form of the letter.

  • Thoughtfully Curated Vocabulary: We’ve carefully selected words that align with early phonics learning. No confusing soft “c” and “g” sounds, no tricky digraphs like “sh” or “ch” to overwhelm young minds, and no words beginning with long vowels, which can confuse students between the name and the sound of the letters. Our cards exclude all such words to ensure a smooth learning process.

  • Simple and Clear Visuals: Each card features a cute and simple picture that vividly represents the word. Whether it’s a friendly bear or a buzzing bee, these visuals help children connect letters to real-world objects effortlessly.

  • Print-Ready and Easy to Use: Our cards come pre-arranged for hassle-free printing and cutting. Simply hit print, and you’ll have a stack of beautifully designed cards ready for playtime!

  • Perfect Size for Little Hands: Measuring 6.8x9.2cm (2.6x3.6 inches) when printed on A4 paper, these cards are just right for small hands. They’re easy to hold, shuffle, and arrange, making them ideal for interactive games.

Why Choose Alphabet Phonics Game Cards?

  • Boost letter recognition and phonemic awareness.

  • Foster vocabulary development in a playful way.

  • Strengthen fine motor skills during handling and cutting for a crafting lesson.

  • Create bonding moments with your child through fun learning activities.

Begin your Letter gaming fun! Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or caregiver, our Alphabet Phonics Game Cards are a fantastic addition to your educational toolkit. Get ready for giggles, discoveries, and lots of “aha” moments as your little ones explore the world of letters. Download your set today and let the learning adventure begin! ✨ This Game Card set is designed to work seamlessly with the Fat Cat Books complete phonics curriculum and can be bought as a whole package. Visit the Fat Cat Books store here, or got to

Phonics Alphabet Puzzle game, for Pre-k, Kindergarten, Primary 1 and 2

Enjoy the Build a Bridge Puzzle game, The Ultimate Phonics Learning Quest!

Are you ready for an exciting journey across the Phonics Bridge? Look no further! Our digital PowerPoint phonics game is designed specifically for kindergarten children, making learning fun, engaging, and rewarding. Let me paint a vivid picture of what awaits your little learners:

1. More Than Just a Quiz:
The bridge the bridge game a problem solving r Phonics Bridge Adventure goes beyond simple questions. It’s an interactive experience that combines learning with thrilling challenges.

2. Easy-to-Follow Rules:
No complicated instructions here! The rules are straightforward, ensuring that even our youngest adventurers can dive right in. Just click, play, and learn!

3. Build a Bridge Across the River:
Imagine a magical river flowing through the game. To cross it, players must answer phonics questions correctly. Each correct answer adds a plank to their bridge, bringing them closer to victory.

4.Power-Ups for Extra Fun:

Spin the wheel after every correct question and collect power-up! These unique and fun power-ups make the game much more fun and adventurous!

  • Summon a Crocodile: Block your opponent’s path by summoning a friendly (or not-so-friendly) crocodile. Watch out, though—it might have a toothy grin!

  • Angry Axe: Chop down your opponent's bridge and slow them down.

  • Rrr, Pirates! Set sail and steal your opponent's piece of bridge, Rrr!

  • Bridge Booster: Need an extra plank? Use this power-up to speed up your bridge-building process. ⚡

  • Super Shield: Protect your progress by blocking incorrect answers. Safety first!

5. 26 Questions with Audio:

Our game features a treasure trove of 26 phonics questions, each accompanied by clear audio. Kids can listen to each word in the question before the decide. Oops, missed the first try? No worries! Players get a second chance to answer correctly. Learning is all about persistence.

7. Positive Reinforcement:

When kids ace a question, they’re greeted with a burst of triumphant music and a big spinning star. It’s like a mini celebration! This makes answering questions fun and engaging. Learning becomes an adventure when every correct answer feels like a victory.

8. Up to 4 Players or 4 Teams:
Gather your friends, classmates, or family members! Play individually or form teams. Who will be the Phonics Build and Bridge Champion?

9. Editable Slides for Customization:
Teachers and parents, rejoice! Our game comes with editable slides. Easily add more questions or tailor the content to suit your learners’ needs. ✏️ You don't need to be a computer whizz, changing the slides is easy and simple instructions are provided.

10. A Perfect Addition to Your Curriculum:
The Phonics Build a Bridge Adventure game is part of the Fat Cat Books, Learn to Read, My Alphabet curriculum. It's just one of the many tools to ensure your child builds a strong phonemic awareness, giving them the sturdy foundation they need before they begin reading and spelling complete words.

Alphabet Phonics Pairs Matching Video Games

Make learning and revising the letters fun with this unique game designed by Fat Cat Books. This is an easy to play power point board game, that makes learning English effortless.

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